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An Elden Ring Wandering Mausoleum, made of LEGO is glorious


Here’s your latest masterpiece made entirely of Lego: A Wandering Mausoleum from Elden Ring. Made by a builder known as HoboSapient and posted to the Elden Ring subreddit, the build captures a surprising amount of detail from one of Elden Ring’s more fantastical and wondrous setpieces.

The huge (for a Lego) construction “weighs 30 pounds, roughly 5000-6000 pieces” said HoboSapient on his post (opens in new tab) to the Elden Ring subreddit. 30 pounds is the weight of a small child or three chihuahuas or two big housecats. That part count is comparable to official kits like the Lego Millenium Falcon or the Lego Taj Mahal.

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