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Sand & Sky’s Oil Control Clearing Range Keeps Skin Breakout-Free


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Everyone knows skincare is a long game; it can take weeks for a product’s benefits to visibly show. Fast-acting skincare that actually works can be hard to come by, that’s why whenever I hear of a formula capable of cutting down the waiting time, it’s like a godsend. Lucky for us all, one TikTok-viral brand has unmasked the key to overnight results with one its most recent launches. Even better, we’ve secured the discount code SC15 specifically for StyleCaster readers. 

Australian company Sand & Sky is most notably known for its Pink Clay Range, which includes the bestselling Porefining Face Mask you’ve likely seen touted across the Internet. The brand’s newly dropped Oil Control Range (it also includes a skin-clearing moisturizer and cleanser) brings all the benefits of its predecessors—eliminating excess oil, refining pores, boosting radiance—but with a more targeted approach to acne. And, if the reviews are any indication, you’ll want to begin with the Oil Control Clearing Face Mask from the line. 

Sand & Sky

Sand & Sky

Oil Control Clearing Face Mask

Australian White Clay acts as a magnet for dirt and grime nestled deep within the skin, and is paired with anti-inflammatory Australian Tasmanian Pepperberry to calm redness. The ingredient list also includes the popular anti-acne additives salicylic acid and niacinamide (vitamin B3), which together tackle dead skin cells and unclogs pores for a clearer, smoother complexion. Perhaps more intriguing, Australian Old Man Weed (yes, you read that correctly), an Indigenious Australian plant “prized for its medicinal properties,” per the brand, brings incredibly soothing benefits to stressed-out skin. 

“On the first time use, it improved my skin’s appearance,” shared one shopper. “Less [redness], skin feels tighter and clean. I haven’t had any new acne since using it and my marks are fading! I’m very happy with the product so far—does what it says!”

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Another person seconded the mask’s ability to offer swift results: “Bought this for my preteen. It has transformed his skin in one application. So glad we found something that works,” they wrote.

The mask was put to the test through a two week brand-run consumer study, in which 89 percent of subjects agreed their skin did not feel uncomfortably tight after use, and that inflammation was notably reduced. A near equal percentage reported that their skin did not look as shiny as before throughout the day. Even better, a whopping 94 percent of users agreed their breakouts improved in appearance. 

Just take confirmation from a third reviewer who claims the mask “delivers on what it promises,” writing that they “notice a significant reduction in oiliness” each morning after using the mask the night before. 

If this mask’s results truly live up to the hype, you might as well snag the rest of Sand & Sky’s Oil Control line, including a moisturizer and a cleanser (join the waiting list!) Just remember to use code SC15 at checkout to save 15 percent on your order.


Sand & Sky

Sand & Sky

Oil Control Clearing Moisturizer

Sand & Sky

Sand & Sky

Oil Control Clearing Cleanser


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